I was 7 years old and it was December of 2008.  I was walking around bored, and then I stumbled on my brother and dad playing a first person shooter.  The map they’re playing on is called Nacht Der Untoten; it’s German for night of the undead.  I’ve played World at War before, but what they were playing had zombies.  After I watched them play my dad handed me his controller.  I already knew how to play 1st person shooter games.  I was surprised when I saw a point system; the idea of the game was brilliant.

            I listen to my brother for the better.  We started with the Colt M1911 pistol and 500 points.  There was rubble everywhere, it was a broken down building.  There were 2 guns on the wall, the Kar98k for 200 points and the M1 Carbine for 600 points, but my brother said to get neither of them because they aren’t good.  Jason said once I had enough to open the 1000 point help door. I didn’t know what he meant by enough so I said, “How do you get money?”  “Just kill zombies to get points” Jason answered.  I was confused on this, but when I shot a zombie I gained 10 points, when I killed one I got 50 points, and when I knifed a zombie I got 100 points.  I eventually got 1000 points and opened the door.  There was a box with 2 question marks on it.  When Jason bought the box and got a gun, I was very confused.  When we eventually died we got to round 15. Jason said we did good but we could’ve done better.

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