Bring Back Extinct Species

Have you ever thought about the amazing species that time has left behind? What if you could bring some back, help them walk on the world that misses them. With new technology bringing back extinct species Is not so much of a fiction horror story, it could be reality. But what do we start with, where do we start, we’ll I’m going to tell you why we should bring back a plant, bird, and frog that could make our world a better place.

The american chestnut was once one of the most common trees. It had wood that was very rot resting, its nuts could be made into soups and a gluten free beer.What happened to it and why did it die out. The Chinese chestnut was a tree native to china. When us Americans brought it over to grow it and farm it we brought something much more sinister. A foreign fungus that was not fatal to the Chinese chestnut tree but the american chestnut did not have a chance.

The passenger pigeons were birds that’s meat could be used to eat or to sell for low prices. This was until we shot them to elimination. At one point they would come in flocks that would make the sky black. But they might not be gone yet. Deep in taxidermy passenger pigeons are ancient dna. With this dna we could put it into a closely related and alive animal. So it is basically you get the dna put it into an animals egg then it would hatch into a passenger pigeon. The passenger pigeon was a key part in a ecosystem, it would fertilize the ground so that new trees could grow.

The last animal I will talk about is the gastric brooding frog. Why is this frog so important, who cares, we’ll this frog changed a body part. It would lay its eggs in the water, eat them and instead of they being dissolve it would stay there and grow into tadpoles then into frogs. Then the mom would barf out the small little froggings. This frog made its stomach into a place to give birth. How did it die? We spread a disease that killed them. Why do we care?

Well if it could change a part why not grow and arm back for a vet of change around parts for burnt firefighters. These animals all have amazing things that could help us. The gastric brooding frog could teach us how to reroute body parts, the pigeon could help fertilize the ground, the American chestnut can be used for its wood and food, and this could help us learn how to bring these animals.

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14 thoughts on “Bring Back Extinct Species

  1. I agree that this is a good idea to try and “bring back” extinct species because this can help the environment and it could be used to restore forests and ecosystems .

  2. I do not agree with your claims, because some are very opinionated. Paragraph 1, Line 2: “help them walk on the world that misses them.” Some extinct species killed off others, so do we all really miss them? You are being a bit presumptuous. Paragraph 3, Lines 1+2: “The passenger pigeons were birds that’s meat could be used to eat or to sell for low prices. This was until we shot them to elimination. At one point they would come in flocks that would make the sky black.” The Passenger Pigeon was used originally used to carry messages between two people during war. They helped kill thousands of people by sending off military points and plans. Also, you say later on that they could be used for meat. This is not only cruel, but also unsanitary. Passenger Pigeons can carry bird-flu. These birds that, “made the sky black,” were carriers of disease, and aren’t missed at all. (By me at least.)

    1. You are saying it is cruel and unsanitary to kill animals and eat there meat. So then you think pork, Beef, and chicken are unsanitary and useless to.

  3. Flare were is your facts about the passenger pigeons bring messages. Also dogs were used in war and they live in are homes yet we still like them what’s the big deal with a bird.

      1. But the bird flu is not spread like a common cold. It is caused when an animal with the disease dies and is then consumed meaning that your omnivorous dog could be infected by it. All your facts have no real evidence behind it flare.

        1. Flare you say and I quote ” the point of the passenger pigeon was to spread messages” well in fact they were in America before we came because THE POINT of the passenger pigeon was to fertilize the ground, you also say eating it is unsanitary you do know some people eat bugs and snakes.

  4. This is an extremely interesting topic and I wonder if we will if fact ever bring extinct animals back to life. But I’m not sure if this is a good idea because we don’t know how the animals we bring back would affect the currently alive animals. But I like the information you included and I learned a lot of new things.

  5. You are right we don’t know how they would effect the world when bringing them back but what we do know is how they effected the world for the better when they were alive.

    1. Also it turns out that they did in fact already bring back the gastric brooding frog from extinction.

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