Monday Musings

April break is coming up for the first time in a while. Because of loads of snow and a week off because of a hurricane, we haven’t been aloud to have April break. But now we can enjoy a week in April because none of that happened this year. During this break we will have easter and many kids have said they are going on vacations to many different places. I have one problem with April break. Easter is the last day of break most kids don’t want to have a awesome party with their family then on the way home realize in a couple of hours there will be school. I think HKMS should either give us that Monday of or give us the week after easter sunday off. Not giving us that Monday off is like not giving us the day after New years day off. You might say no because, on new years we all stay up till 12. Think about it every easter a kid probably eats a pound of candy and with all that extra energy how will they ever fall asleep well they don’t.

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