Musing for 4/8/14

The Final Hour for March Madness has been decided. It was the Huskies! I’m so happy. But there’s a more important event to write about. It’s the natural disasters that have been happening!

The first one to happen recently was an 8.2 magnitude near Chile occurred on April 3rd. It caused six deaths and prompted a tsunami warning. It didn’t cause much destruction, thankfully. A few buildings collapsed, but there wasn’t much after that. Chile has been known to be on a fault line, so that might be the reason this happened. The second disaster to happen was Cyclone Ita hitting the Solomon Islands. This time, 20 people perished. That’s more than three times the death toll of the earthquake! A few buildings were destroyed by the cyclone. Whats going on with nature these days?

What would you do if you or a loved one was involved in one of these disasters? How would you respond? Where would you go?

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I don't know why this had to happen. If you know anything about me, you're unsafe. You have to go. NOW. If anyone found out about me or anyone else, they'd get rid of us. Please don't research me or try to contact me. It'll make things worse than they already are. They're coming. I know they are. I know that when they come, horrible things will happen. I don't want anyone else involved. WEAREHERE jk

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  1. I think Nature is just acting naturally, Dylan. But I will say that I, too, was happy about the Huskies winning the championship; I went to UConn. Unfortunately, they never won the whole thing while I was there, but have won four since I graduated.

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