Julio Reading Reflection T2

Dear  blog people,

This trimester my goals were to read 1 mystery book,  2 fantasy, and after that just read 7 books that I want to.  In total I have read 10 books. One of my favorite novels from this trimester is “Execution” from the Furnace series. I highly recommend this series. The author of  that series is one of my favorite which is Alexander Gordan Smith. The genre of that series is sci-fi which happened to be one of my favorites. The second genre I like is realistic fiction. This is one of my favorites because you might be able to relate to what that character goes through from getting a new dog to a mid life crises, and I don’t know about other people but that is what I like to do when I am reading a book relate to it. Some of the things I think I have improved on is expanding my vocabulary, and I know that for the first trimester reflection I put down reading faster but I honestly couldn’t tell you if I have. But some of the goals I have for the third trimester is is that I want to try to read some traditional literature, and some informational books too. For my letter essays I want to make them more thoughtful. And for productivity and pace just keep reading.

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5 thoughts on “Julio Reading Reflection T2

  1. Hey Julio,

    I’m glad that you read the Escape from Furnace series! Will you read anything else by him?

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