Hannah’s Letter Essay #9: “Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood”

Dear Class,


I just completed an amazing realistic fiction book called Jane Austen goes to Hollywood by Abby Mcdonald. This 300 page book was filled with great detail and was an amazingly written book. Hallie and Grace Weston two teenagers life just took an awful turn. When their rich fathers passes away, there “evil stepmother” decides to take away Hallie and Graces’ house. The only money coming in, is from there mom who sells her paintings. They don’t know what they are going to do. No house. No money. No father. Their moms cousin Auggie calls offering them to stay in their beautiful guesthouse in Hollywood. Hallie, a struggling actress just loves that offer. That’s where people’s dreams come true. On the other hand, Grace doesn’t want to leave after she meets Theo. How can she leave when she is is so in love? The family packs up their stuff and travels to Hollywood. Hallie finds a great group of friends and connects so well with everyone there. Grace is still struggling, wishing Theo was with her. The girls go through some tough up and downs throughout the book. This book was filled with many great parts but my favorite would have to be on page 83. In this part, Hallie is going out for her first time in Hollywood, figuring out how to become a famous actress like she’s been trying to for the past few years.


“Hallie changed into a vintage nineties print dress and her favorite Victorian boots, and struck out from the shaded confines of the compound. People who said you can’t get around L.A. without a car clearly didn’t live just north of Rodeo Drive, in a leaf, quiet area that could almost be called suburban, if the suburbs were made up of parade of huge mansions on every block.” The reason I enjoyed this part so much was because I could relate to it. I’ve been to California and can picture the scenes, Abby Mcdonald wrote about. Not only could I picture where Hallie was, I could picture what Hallie was wearing as well. The detail was very good.

Out of ten, I would rate this book a 7. There were parts where I felt like I should just skip over this scene because it was boring. Most of the parts were exciting and interesting but some weren’t. Besides that, the book was really well crafted and was an excellent read.

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4 thoughts on “Hannah’s Letter Essay #9: “Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood”

  1. Hannah, I really like your letter essay and think that it has a lot of detail and shows your honest opinion about this book. I don’t think that I will pick up this book just yet because I’m trying to read certain kinds of genre, but I will try to remember this.

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