Erin’s Letter Essay “Good Call”

I just finished reading Good Call by Jase Robertson. Good Call is an autobiography about Jase Robertson one of the stars of the reality show Duck Dynasty. Good call is a story about Jase and his life the main chapters are about his religious beliefs, and his family. The Robertson’s in general are all about family so there is a lot of stuff on family

Jase Robertson is a really religious man that works for his brother at Duck Commander. Jase’s book is about his life experiences including working for his brother and his childhood. The main focus in the book is his childhood and also family. There are a lot of family stories about their dad and their mom and a little bit of stories about his siblings. He had some stories  One of the stories that interested me was

“Another time I was hunting squirrels at Tensas, which was one of my dad’s favorite hunting spots. I was on foot, and somehow, I got turned around and came out eight miles down the road and up-close encounter with a Louisiana black bear that I managed to get away from.I walked all night, and when I finally reached our camp right before daylight , Phil was gone! He had forgotten I was with him and was already gone for the next day’s hunt. Missy was worried sick but refrained from having the Louisiana National Guard out look for me .”

I would rate this book a 8 out of 10 because it was really funny at times but it was also really cool to learn about Jase Robertson.

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  1. esheehanhkms

    Your report on “good call” was really good but there was a punctuation error in the second to last paragraph.


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