David, Where Are You From?

I’m from a loving mother and father, Loralee and Bill. Two funny, and intelligent sisters, Lauren and Allison, and an older brother that I look up to, Will.

I’m from catching my first fish ever at my cousin’s house in North Carolina to late, breezy, nights, and early mornings, on the Cape Cod dock, casting into the multi-colored sunset, towering over as far as the eye can see, eagerly anticipating a striper to chomp.

I’m from playing 1 on 2 tackle football games with my brother and neighbor, trips to Yankee stadium with my dad, air penetrating slap shots whipped at me in street hockey ”Crrrrr, SMACK”. Pickup basketball games with friends, testing our skills, and still, sunny, summer days on the golf course.

I’m from throwing the Frisbee soaring into the air, with my black lab Tucker, longing for the disc to reach mouth level, seeing Tucker run into pools of mud “Splash, Splash”, and avoiding his sharp, piercing, paws when he paddles in the pool.

I’m from a quiet, out of city, nothing but farmland, suburbs town, on Canterbury Lane, the second house to the right. The house with the garden sitting on a hill, and the driveway loop circle, where you might find two boys playing basketball.

I’m that sibling-annoying, bait-casting, yankee stadium-visiting, frisbee-tossing, suburb house-living, kid.

That’s where I’m from.

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10 thoughts on “David, Where Are You From?

  1. David,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem, it really was amazing. I liked the line about playing pickup basketball games with your friends, testing your skills and still sunny, summer days on the golf course. This was a great line and was really well put together. I also liked how you talked about all the sports you play and realized that you play almost every sport. Really great job on this piece.
    -Jake Forte

  2. Here goes a good thing sandwich-copy righted by Phily

    I think your piece is absolutely amazing, the detail in your first paragraph could almost be a class model to get ideas and to represent what a A range paragraph should look like, I loved how you explained what happens on a daily occurrence. I think you could have put as much detail into your other paragraphs as your first one

    I guess this is more of a pizza

    1. David,
      Your piece was very well written. My favorite part was when you talked about fishing. The reason why I liked this stanza the most was because of how deep your description was. I was good how you described what was around you instead of just talking about how you went fishing. One more part of your poem that got my attention was how you included sound effects, such as “Splish splash” in your piece, it made it a lot more interesting to read.
      -James Porter

  3. Dear David,

    I liked your post because it sounds like you have a good time with your family. I liked how you desceibed your family. I bet they are great. I liked all of the details you add. And I really enjoyed reading your poem. Good job.



  4. Dear David,

    I like how you added the descriptive pictures. I also like how you named your family in most of your post because it shows how connected you are to them. Good job David!


  5. Dear David,

    I really liked how you talked about your family, they sound like really good people. Also I liked how you describe the sun. If you had to pick one sport to play what would it be?

  6. Hey I’m Eddie M. I liked the way you and your class show who you are or what you like doing. I might do similar when i get the chance.

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