Lauren, Where Are You From?


Lauren, Where Are You From?


I’m from trips to Block Island, biking all around, going there every year since I was three. Sipping on ice cold lemonade while sitting on the porch, at the inn looking out into the ocean as the sun sets.

I’m from cooking with my mom. Puerto Rican food because it’s in our blood. My great grandma was an immigrant from there and she’s taught my mom and I how to make Puerto Rican food.  


I’m from always having a pet. My dog that I had when I was 3 was named harley. Unfortunately he passed away when I was 6 years old. I came home from school that day and I looked at my mother’s face and I could tell that something was wrong, she had told me that harley died. He was the sweetest dog anyone could have. That same year I got another dog named latte and i’ve had her since.

I’m from courage, I stand up for what’s right and even if i’m a little uneasy. I find my inner voice and say what needs to be said and do what’s needed to be done even though it’s not easy.


I’m from a loving family, that’s always there for me encouraging me along the way and inspiring me. Especially my mom she’s always been there for me through everything.  


I’m that block island traveling, Puerto Rican cooking, pet having, courage fighting  and family loving

That’s where I’m from.

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6 thoughts on “Lauren, Where Are You From?

  1. Lauren,
    I really liked your piece, and the photographs you choose to go with it enhanced the experience of reading it. I particularly liked the stanza about you coming from a place of courage, and standing up for what you think is right even if it makes you uneasy. I know you struggled with the idea of keeping that detail in, and I’m glad you did; that, in fact, was a bit courageous.
    Mr. Jockers

    p.s. Thank you for including your dogs’ names. Always do that. And always capitalize them, too.

    1. Lauren,
      I really liked the paragraph where it says “you stand up for whats right even if it makes you a little uneasy”. I think that you could of added a little more to the paragraph like when you stood up for something you believed in.
      Hanna 🙂

  2. Lauren,
    To start off I really enjoyed reading your piece. I got to learn more about you and what you like to do. For example, I enjoyed how you added how your grandmother taught you how to cook Puerto Rican food. I can picture your mother and you cooking by the stove as your dog latte sits by your feet. The pictures helped me enhance my understanding of your activities that you enjoy. You did a very good job.
    Julia Hartmann

  3. Lauren,
    I enjoyed reading your poem. My favorite paragraph was the one talking about how you love having pets. The reason I really liked it was because you told us your reaction and how you were very upset when you found out that Harley died and you knew right away that there was something wrong. I also really liked all the picture you put in.
    Erin Carroll

  4. Hey Lauren!!!
    I really liked reading your poem!!! My favorite stanza was the one about your pets. It was really well thought out and had alot of detail. The picture of that dog gave gave me a better understanding of what your dog looked like. I liked your little anecdote that you added in!!!

    Good Job!!!!
    Hannah Wergeles

    1. Hannah,
      And I really like the fact that you used the word “anecdote” to describe what Lauren did in her writing. That actually makes me very happy.
      Mr. Jockers

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