Louie, Where Are You From?


I’m from 4 hour Trick-or-Treating expeditions with friends, playing soda pong with a diabetic friend on halloween and a face full of pizza, With friends chanting “ Chug Chug Chug” in my ear.


I’m from getting into fake football fights at practice, dropping a few atomic elbows here and there, listening to the imaginary fans chant my name and letting the occasional “what’d you say bout my mama” fight starter arise.






I’m from a night at my cousins where I got a pixie stick from his friend who they said looks like a “swollen Pixie” like Tinker Bell and other characters, with him shouting “ Get your pixie sticks from a real pixie here.”


I’m from watching How I Met Your Mother and constantly yelling at ted through the T.V. for not giving up on Robin and saying things like “ it’s over she moved on get over her!” but in the end it all works out for ted.

I’m from a dog loving family whose dogs will go absolutely bonkers for an ice chip and eats it in secrecy while we say “Hey where are you going with that?” and let out a few chuckles.

I’m that halloween- pong playing, fake-fighting, pixie stick-getting, robin-hating, ice chip-giver

That’s where I’m from.


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3 thoughts on “Louie, Where Are You From?

  1. Louie, yours was really good and when u talk about joning wit your friends at football i can visualize it and it makes me think of good times.

  2. Louie

    I really liked your piece and it was really enjoyable to read. I liked the video that you included along with many other pictures. I can relate to the fake fighting at football practice. It is very fun to do and sometimes the coaches think its an actual fight. I also like the describtion you used in the first stanza about Halloween. Overall very good piece.


  3. Dear Lou,
    Your poem was very fun to read and I enjoyed it. I liked the first stanza, where you described one Halloween you had. I could picture what you were writing in my head. If you added some authors craft, it could make the picture in my head even more vivid. Good job overall.

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