Luke was on his way out. The ER is never a happy place, especially when you have to miss out on trick or treating. Arguably the most fun night of the year. On top of that, a broken arm just isn’t fun either.

It all started a few weeks ago at my Halloween party. We had purchased a six foot tall beachball to all have some good fun with.

As people started to show up they would notice it, ask about it, run over to it, then ask how much it was.

Once a fairly good amount of people showed up we all started to play with it.

We would all take turns being on top of it until you fell off from everyone kicking it.

However, things changed when Luke Gardone got on top of it.

Things changed a ton.

He tried to be the coolest by attempting to stand up on it.

Arguably not his best idea.

We all did the normal routine of kicking, punching, pushing, and rolling it to get him to fall off.

Luke all of a sudden lost his footing and went flipping to the ground with a hard landing.

Yes, flipping.

He landed with his hand folded under his body, therefore, snapping it into three parts.

Luke ended up breaking his arm in two spots.

This event was just another one of classic boys taking things too far. Just like when we were all on the trampoline and one of us slipped on water and knocked the rest of us down. Another example is when we were doing wheelbarrow racing and the rider hopped out causing the pusher to lose his balance and smash his face into the side of the wheelbarrow. All are funny now, not then. We won’t be purchasing another giant ball for next year. However, we will probably end up doing more things like this in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Ballin’

  1. Hey, Harrison this is a great story but it seems all to familiar… In all seriousness this is an excellent way to tell the story, you included flashbacks and did an amazing job with your paragraphs. I would not have my story told any other way.

    1. I agree, Luke: I think Harrison did a really nice job telling this story. (And I can totally see you doing that, by the way.) Of course, you’ll never do that again, right?

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