Match Stick Mistake

“Not it!”

“Not it!”

“Not it!”

One by one all my cousins and uncles were screaming “not it” so that they didn’t have to bomb the matchstick. Every year in Groton Long Point  we all play a game called matchstick (my dad and his brothers made up a game called match stick when they were little).As my uncles leave and it is just the kids playing a rude boy comes and tries to play with us,and that’s when things got out of hand between my cousins and a random kid.


“Bye!” All the kids said as my uncles stopped playing match stick and went back to the beach. Match stick is when one person throws a match into the water and splashes around and everyone on the dock tries to find it, whoever finds it gets a point,but if you’re the first one to bomb it you miss a chance to get a point.


“Can I play?” asked a vacationer at Groton.

“Umm… sure.” Looking around my cousins were all unsure what to say.


As soon as Molly bombed the match stick the short boy with brunette hair decided to push my cousin Brendan in so that it was harder for to find the matchstick.


“Why’d you do that?” Brendan was furious, everyone in my family are so competitive and no one wants a disadvantage in a game.  




“Ha! I’m going to win this game!” The short kid was screaming at us. But, he did not realize the family he was messing with, as he pushed one person after another.


“Next time Molly will bomb it and will let him get it,then we will tell him to bomb it on the side of the dock farthest away from the stairs. Once he is in we run.” Brendan whispered to all my cousin.


“Match stick!” At the time the kid was the happiest person on the dock.


“Let’s play over here on this side.”




“It’s better over here, it isn’t as shallow.”


He was about to bomb it.The biggest smiles went ear to ear on everyone’s face. The green carpeted dock was now filled with happy people.Everyone looked like a dog when you give them a treat.




One by one 16 people run off the old wood dock trying to get around people fast enough so so he couldn’t catch up to us.


As we were running we saw two adults that looked identical to the rude kid.


“Mom, they left me here a tricked me.” We all realized who he was talking to…the two scary,tall big people who past us.


“EXCUSE ME” Yelled a lady.


“Keep running, go to grandmas.”


My brother John ordered us since he was one of the oldest,and because I was only 7 or 8.


We feel the old wood dock shake every time this lady took a step.


“STOP RUNNING!”The life guard insisted,nobody listened and ran faster.


“Your kid is rude.” My cousin screamed.


“He played like a sore loser.”


“My son is not mean, and wouldn’t do that.”


Finally we were off the dock and on the sand path. Running as fast as we could past the beach where the parents were.


“We are going to grandma’s, all of us.” We hollered so we didn’t have to stop.


“Why are you…”


My aunt didn’t finish her sentence before we were all gone.Next came a grown lady behind us looking as mad as prisoner.


We didn’t want want her to know which house we lived in so we went to the backs of houses. We were ahead of her but we were in eye contact with her.


“We are going to sprint in the house so when she gets here she doesn’t know which house we are in.


It worked we saw her in the middle of 4 houses .

“Ugh where did they go?”


We were all so happy we got away from her.

At the end of the day we told our parents we thought it was hilarious, but if you our faces during it we were a scared to death.Know we learned not to trick people and run because you don’t know what their parents will do.

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1 thought on “Match Stick Mistake

  1. Your story was very interesting and actually made me laugh. It reminded me of a time when Crina and I went bike riding and stopped at a river and this guy yelled at us…and he had a German Shepard…good times. I really liked how you added a lot of dialogue because it created more tension and made me feel as though I was actually there. I can’t wait to read more of your cringe worthy stories XD.

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