The Day That Lasted the Rest of My Life

The day started of normal, nothing new or out of the ordinary… or so I thought. I was in my room entertaining myself with some mindless videos games. I heard the pitter patter of a slight drizzle, and could see the ominus clouds lingering outside of my window.


My mom called from downstairs in a compassionate way.

“Be there in a minute, I am in the middle of something!”

I yelled back ignoring the un usual glum tone in my mom’s voice.

“Please come down now, your father and I need to speak to you!”

My thumb slammed down on the pause button like a speeding bullet about to make impact with its target.

This is it,it is finally happening I thought to myself. The words my mom had just uttered hit me like a speeding a train, I would never know a moment that could ever match the shock that this one had just induced upon me. Although this moment was shocking it was expected for almost my entire life up to this point. I remembered argues my parents had time and time before but one memory stuck, I was only in second grade but I could predict the outcome of my parent’s marriage, I had told my teacher that I thought my parents were going to get divorced. The teacher contacted my mom because off her concern about the situation. Afterward my mom told me that it wouldn’t happen and my parents stopped arguing around me for a while… a short while. About a month later things were back to normal, any filter they had was taken of and I was left thinking the same thought up to this moment. There I was, three years later still expecting the unexpected.  I set the controller down next to me, it’s buttons still glowing. I started walking downstairs, I knew that every step I took, I was getting closer to a change that would last the rest of my life. The floor creaked as I took the final step downstairs. I turned my head to see a sight so unfamiliar I couldn’t remember that last time I laid eyes upon something even close to it. My mom and dad, sitting in the same room together without having any kind of tension or conflict towards each other.

I took a deep breath as I approached my waiting parents.

“Your father and I have something to tell you” my mom repeated. I took the words right out of her mouth when I said

“You and dad are getting divorced”

My mom and dad answered with a simultaneous head nod. It was silent, no words could possibly be the right ones to fill this deathly silent moment. The Pitter patter of the rain was the only sound my eleven year old ears could pick up. Although only seconds had past it felt like an eternity before my dad spoke up

“Do you want to see the new house?”

Holding back a sniffle I answered,


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