Fishing For Fish

As me and my dad were driving down route 10 in Staddord Nh we were driving back from the gas station from where we had got pizza. Staddord is a small town in southern New Hampshire that was biult around the lake. The lake was 6 miles long and was man made. The lake was at one point 3 ponds that were merged together.  The reason why we went to the gas station is because there are only 3 places where you can get food and the 3 places were the gas staion, the marina, and the little store. The little store had Dale i it were you can get a lot of good info on things that were happening in the area. The marina had dona in it ut we called her Dawna because everyon in the town of Staddord has really bad Massacustes acients. In the marina you can only get there on a boat though or it will take around 40 minutes to get there because it is half way up the lake.

As we were going by the little store I was getting ready to observe the boat that was about to come up on the right that I wanted to buy. After the boat I knew it was Codfishes house. Codfish is the guy who did the septic on my house. He is the small town celebrity. The reason why he is the most famous person in the town is because a few years ago he and his son were logging the wood and his son was limbing up one tree as he was cutting the one. The tree fell in the wrong way and the tree fell and hit his son. It killed him.

We were driving past Codfishs house and his wife Bonnie waved me and my dad into the driveway. When me and my dad where on the way to the gas station we had stop because he was looking to see if Codfish was home because he need to talk about paying him for the septic that he did. We pulled in and I just leaned my seat back and turned up the radio and was singing along in my head. It was just some random country song with really bad reception because we were on top of the mountain and the antenna was at the bottom which was 40 minutes away. The song was a tropical country song which was about America, trucks, and girls but I get in the mode of country music when I am in Nh.

As I was sitting in the truck I looked over in the driver’s side mirror at the right time to see Codfishes grandson whos father was the one who was killed was walking u the side of the truck like a cop would have done.

So I just sat up and he Said ‘hello whats your name”.

“ My name is brendan whats your”

“ my name is Hayden”

We just when on and talked about a whole bunch of things like fishing, Nascar, and more fishing. He was looking down at his phone a lot and I was wondering why he was but then he said.

“Me and this kid were supposed to go fishing over a hour ago and he still hasn’t come.”

“Oh that really stinks.” I responded but I really didn’t care.

“ Your dad said that we could go fishing some time together soon” He said

“ Oh that would be cool to do some time because you would probably know were all of the good spots are.

His grandmother then yelled over “ get your stuff, you’re going fishing with them.” He yelled back “ ok my patients have ran dry with the other kid anyways. “

I was thinking ok well now I have to go fishing with some random kid. I watched him go back to the house and grab his fishing pole. It ended up that he had the same fishing pole as me but he had it in the baitcaster form. He walked backed back to the back of the ruck and he put the poles in the bed of the truck. My dad got in the truck and we left with Haden too.

We went down the street to my house and when we pulled in the driveway my dad asked if he had ever been here and he said that he went there with his dad.   When we got out of the truck my dad told me to bring him down to the lake because he had to put the pizza in the fridge.

We went to the boat by walking down the sketchy hill behind the house that has no steps. We walked on the boat and you could see the light shimmer off of the peach colored perch in the water. I grabbed my pole out of the of in the boat and then I throw it in the water and instantly the little 3 inch perch where malling the pole, I yanked the pole up to set the hook which is completely unnecessary to do for such a little fish but I liked to do it anyways. Once my dad came out all of the fun was over.

We left the house and we went over to the stumps first but the fish weren’t biting so we just started to troll up the side of the lake. Hayden skipped the worm under a person’s dock and I could see his pole start to jiggle up and down but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to jinx him. He yanked up the pole and the pole had almost flexed all of the way out and then I knew that it was a huge fish. The big bass came out from under the dock and it didn’t want to cooperate but I don’t blame him because he had a huge hook jabbed in the side of its mouth. I jumped up and grabbed the net and throw it in the water and sweeped up the fish like I was sweeping the floor.

After that me and my dad wanted to refresh himself so we went to the marina to grab the ice cream bars. We went in there and Hayden said that he hadn’t been there in awhile because he can’t drive and his boat can’t make it there it would take too long. We went in there and of course Dona didn’t have the ice cream sandwiches which for some reason she could never get in. Me and my dad just got some random thing that we really didn’t like but we got back on the boat and my dad started to drive while eating an icecream. He was spilling the ice cream all over his lap while he was drive because we got waked by some jerk in a bout that costed more than are lake house.

My dad drove us into Pickerel cove which was only half way up the lake but takes like 20 min to get their doing 60 miles per hour.

“Have you ever been in here” My dad asked hayden

“ Yeah but when my dad was alive” He responded

“ Oh I didn’t know if grandpa would have taking you in here” my dad responded.

“Well I don’t really like to fish with him because he is such a big downer about the fish because when he doesn’t catch one in a minute he just will leave the spot.” Hayden said.

Then it really hit me with what if my dad wasn’t alive? Who would help me on my quad? Who would teach me how to fish? Who would bring me to New Hampshire? I was just think about the fact that everyone in my family holds it together and if you pull any of use out the rest would fall down. That was all that I was thinking about even when my dad fell in the lake while trespassing on someone else’s land. That thought just stuck with me and it makes me realise how lucky I really am.

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6 thoughts on “Fishing For Fish

  1. Dear Brendan,

    Your story sounds great. I like how you added a lot of description in story. I haven’t been fishing in a long time. It’s an awesome sport.


    Jake M

  2. Dear Brendan,
    Your story has lots of detail and is written very well, one thing I would work on is using more writer’s craft.

  3. Dear Brendan,
    Your memoir was very interesting. It had a very deep meaning, and you did a good job bringing that up. I also really liked the dialogue in your story. It kept the piece moving along.

  4. Dear Brendan
    I really enjoyed reading your story about you fishing. Your dialouge was very good, you descfibed the setting very well.

  5. Dear Brendon,
    The story is great, I find it very interesting how it is a man made lake and fish are in it because birds can drop them in just like if it was a normal lake. I love the detail about where exactly it is in NH. Also your story had great dialogue too!

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