Jake P.’s Letter Essay #4: The Revenge of Seven

Recently I have finished reading the first 200 pages of The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore. I read this book because it was next in the series after The Fall of Five. After I finish this book I will read the Fate of Ten, the final book in the series. When I finish this series I will read Michael Vey 5 because it is very similar to these books and it is new.

John is now together with the fellow garde and must take down the mogodrian leader. If they can not destroy him again they will have no chance of giving berth back to their former planet of Lorien. They must do this otherwise the mogodorians will take over the earth. The kids are now alone because all of their “parents” have either died to illness or have been killed by the Mogs. It is the gardes final chance to destroy the mogodorians due to the warships that will land in the upcoming days. The garde now have a mog working for them helping them get into the mogodorian files. Can the gardes new ally turn the tables in their favor.

I disagree with the part when they show that five is a traitor and how he is working for the mogs. I disagree with this because now the mogs have an even greater chance of winning the war when they already had a better chance than he garde. I agree with the part when the author introduces Adam as helping the garde because it evens it out and now the garde have almost traded five for Adam. I would rather have Adam than five because Adam has a legacy transferred from a dead garde and he knows where all the mogs bases are and how to get into them. Throughout the book Ella has changed because in the beginning she was very shy and now she has come into her own and is now contributing to the team. She will play a crucial role because she has the ability to cancel other powers. This will be important when they facer the mogodorain ruler. My favorite part of the book is when nine says “So many Chimaerae,” Nine says, nodding excitedly as he gazes into the darkness. “That’s awesome.”We named the chubby, lazy one after you,” Sam replies. Less awesome.” This is my favorite part of the book because it shows that even in a middle of a war a teenager will always be a teenager and this is a great example of how in the darkest times you can still find something funny out of it. I also like this part because it is making fun of a character who is usually making fun of others. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because it is action packed and it sets you up fir the final book in the series.


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6 thoughts on “Jake P.’s Letter Essay #4: The Revenge of Seven

  1. Jake,
    I’m glad you are enjoying this series. You provide some information about the book for your readers, but someone unfamiliar with the story and the series will be confused reading your summary; you should provide a little more background information. And there are a few things the letter-essay is missing; check your checklist. Thank you.

  2. Jake,
    I enjoyed reading your letter essay. I think you did a good job explaining what this book was about. I thought maybe you could add some background information on the characters and setting of the series. Nice job.

  3. Jake,
    I enjoyed reading your letter-essay and a good book. You did a good job on pulling the important pieces of the book an including it in the essay. Maybe you could have included more about the characters in the book. Good Job.

  4. Dear Jake,
    This is a very good letter essay and I enjoyed it a lot, one thing that you could have done better was explaining what is going on in the series, because I have never read a book in this series and I am not understanding terms like gardes or Mogs, otherwise it was a great letter essay

  5. Jake I see a lot of people reading this series and I like the paragraph you chose and you did a really good job

  6. Jake, I have read this book so I really was interested in finding out what you wrote about. I really like this recommendation and Im hope you finish the book. By the way I like the quoted passage.
    Caden S

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