Bio Poem: Claire


Thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, responsible

Daughter of Lynn and John, Sister of Ian and Cameron

Lover of yellow labs , sports and summer

Who feels thankful for my family, friends and Netflix

Who finds happiness when being with friends, while doing gymnastics, and going to the Caribbean

Who needs sleep, food and company

Who gives love, support and attention to my family

Who fears snakes, spiders, and sharks

Who would like to see Australia, Italy and Hawaii

Who enjoys gymnastics, soccer and being with friends

Who likes to wear leggings, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks

Born in Norwalk, CT, resident of Easton CT




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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Claire

  1. Claire,

    I really enjoyed your piece! I liked the line about the things you love. I liked this line because you said lover of yellow labs and i’m glad you said that because if you just said, lover of labs, I wouldn’t know what kind of labs you like! Its very descriptive which is good! Think to yourself: Can I be more descriptive in my other lines of your poem? For example, What part of Hawaii do you want to go to? But otherwise, I think your piece of writing is very good!

    Lucy Witherbee

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