Bio Poem: Erik


Fun weird enthusiastic open minded

Son of Lester and Irene brother of John and Julia

Lover of videogames sports and family

Who feels thankful for food family and life

Who finds happiness in succeeding spending time with friends and family and playing video games

Who needs to always fiddle with something in my hands have sports and video games

Who gives happiness love and good vibes

Who fears surgeries chipping my teeth and being in deep ocean water

Who would like to see the super bowl in person with the NY Giants playing like to see myself become a pro gamer. And would love to see myself in 20 years

Who enjoys video games sports and a good meal.

Who likes to wear cotton shirts any comfortable pants or shorts and long socks.

Born in Bridgeport CT resident of Easton CT


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Erik

  1. Dear Erik,
    I like your piece, thanks for sharing it. I like how you talked about how you love to fiddle with something in your hands, that explains a lot, I always see you doing that. I think that your poem way fantastic, but in your next piece, you should add some commas.

  2. Erik,

    I enjoyed your piece, and thanks for letting me read it. I like when you said that you wanted to see the super bowl with the giants playing in it, I totally agree with if you didn’t already know I am a huge giants fan. I also like when you said that you like to fiddle with stuff in your hands, when you said that I was thinking of you and a butter fly knife because I have seen your videos on Instagram before and they are very impressive. Remember next time to put commas between your adjectives.

    Troy Andreoli

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