Bio Poem: Max B.


Organized, athletic, intelligent, persistent

Son of Darsi and Jason, brother of Jack and TJ

Lover of soccer, food, and life

Who feels thankful for how fortunate he is, the discovery of soccer, and the great family and friends he has.

Who finds happiness in hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and Nobadeer Beach, in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Who needs sports, temporary alone time, and TV.

Who gives a good friendship, exceptional effort in all aspects of life, and kindness to all.

Who fears death, anything bad happening to his family, and sharks.

Who would like to see himself graduate college, become a lawyer, and go to an El Clasico match (Real Madrid vs. Barcelona) and the Santiago Bernabeu.

Who enjoys all sports, Nantucket, and rap music.  

Who likes to wear Nike, Under Armour, and Vineyard Vines.

Born in Ridgefield, resident of Easton.


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3 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Max B.

  1. Dear Maxie-B123(a.k.a.Tony Tonster), I really liked your poem, it taught me some new things I didn’t know about you. One new thing that I learned about you is that you are afraid of death. I also really liked your word choice for your four words that describe you. For example, you could have used a word like smart but instead you chose a much more interesting word, intelligent. The only thing I think you could have done a little better was that you were a little repetitive in your piece, especially when talking about soccer. If you had used other things in place of soccer in a few of these sentences the poem could’ve been much more interesting.

  2. Max B,

    I liked your piece, and I’m happy that you shared it with me. I like the part when you said that you wanted to be a lawyer I can’t say I can relate but I like you have good goals. Also I liked when you mentioned through the whole poem your true love for soccer. Next time maybe make some longer sentences and go into more depth of your questions.

    Troy Andreoli

  3. Max B,
    I really liked your piece and I am happy you shared it with me. I really like the line when you said you would like to go see and El Clasico match. I could connect to that because I would like to see one too. One thing you can work on is, to be a little bit more descriptive with your likings. For example, why do you like Nantucket or why do you fear sharks? If you include this, your writing would be exceptional.
    John Loo

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