Bio Poem Andrew

Quite, Clumsy, outgoing

Son of Robert and Karen Brother of Valerie

Lover of Family, Friends, and Programing

Who feels thankful for Technology, a cozy house, and my Family

Who Finds happiness in Motion Design, Programing, and Drumming

Who needs Support Time to Perfect things and Time to clear my head

Who Gives Advice and Support to Friends and Family

Who Fears Snakes, Heights, and the Future

Who would like to see the United Kingdom, California, Spain

Who Enjoys Summer, Technology, and Art

Who Likes to Wear Shorts, T-Shirts, and Hoodies

Born In Norwalk Ct Resident of Easton Ct


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem Andrew

  1. Andrew

    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem! I liked the line when you said who finds happiness in drumming because it brings out your personality more. I think you could have gone more into how you said who enjoys art. You could have added What type of art or when you like to create your art. Overall I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem!


  2. I liked reading your Bio-Poem. I like how you said that you are thankful about a cozy house because I have never seen anyone else post that on their Bio-Poem! I also enjoyed how you said you are a lover of programing because I know that you like to program.


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