Bio-Poem: Callie


Inventive, unique, clumsy, sarcastic

Daughter of Christine and Michael, Sister of Zachery, Zoe, and Ashley

Lover of food, my family, and the crisp smell of fall

Who feels thankful for my family, food, and all my caring friends

Who finds happiness in the leaves changing color, music,and long car rides.

Who needs my family to keep me going, apple juice on a daily basis, and Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese cooked by Morgan

Who gives love to one of my best friends Morgan, positive vibes all the time, and advice to my friends when they need it

Who fears heights, loosing my family and people close to me, and public speaking

Who would like to see the Haiku Stairs and Bora Bora

Who enjoys water parks, hanging with my whole family, and watching the sunset at Thousand Islands

Who likes to wear baggy sweatpants, and if i’m wearing jeans it’s a good day, I also like to wear my fuzzy slippers with my sweatpants all the time

Born in Cobourg, Ontario resident of Easton CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Callie

  1. Callie-
    I love your piece of beautiful writing. I liked reading it. I especially liked the part when you talk about Morgan and your friendship with her. I also liked when you mentioned mac n’ cheese. I really understand what you’re saying there. I think you could even add more detail on both those subjects. Maybe elaborate on mac n’ cheese? I think you’re an amazing writer and I can tell you worked very hard on this.

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