4 thoughts on “Relationships in Realistic Fiction: A Mango-Shaped Space

  1. I think your project was very gooooood. I liked the pictures and the music. YOur sumary was very well written and revised. I think you should speed things up by using your voice.

  2. Dear Chloe,

    I really enjoyed watching your video. I like how you included lots of pictures and transitions which added a lot to it. Great Job!

    Amelia Wasco

  3. Hey Chloe, you did a really good video. You explained the book in a good way giving the viewer information but not giving too mush out that it would ruin the story. You chose a good question to ask about the book because it related right to Mia and her relationship with Adam.


  4. Chloe,
    I think you did a great job on your video! I thought your summary was really well-written, and the transitions and fun music you added made it all very entertaining.

    -Emily W

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