FF Free-Write #5 Emily W.

Christmas in my family is very interesting, to say the least. A few minutes before I began to write this, my family’s Christmas tree fell on top of my mom. Shes okay, but cant seem to stop it from falling. My parents are currently making an unsuccessful attempt to to tie the tree to the wall with string. My dads arguing that the string is not going to be able to hold it. I agree with him. This exact scenario happens every single year.  My sister and I find the ridiculous repetition hilarious, although the rest of my family does not.

On Christmas Eve, we go to my grandmas house on my moms side of the family, along with my four cousins, two aunts, three uncles, and the other three members of my family. Her house is pretty small, so fitting all 15 of us in comfortably can sometimes become a challenge. Its cramped, but everything always turns out great regardless of the space.

On Christmas day, we go to my aunts house on my dads side. This basically consists of me and my sister sitting awkwardly in the basement with my cousins that I only see once I year. I recently figured out that some of them were not, in fact, related to me, which I think is weird. Its not any easier with the adults. They all seem to know me, but I never have any idea who they are. My dad has a really big family, so a lot of people come. So instead of socializing, my sister and I usually just go upstairs to find my aunts adorable bulldog, Joxer.

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