FFFW:#5 Lydia

Fundamental Free Write

Over the summer, I went to Cape Cod. I went there with my best friend Olivia. Once we got there, I looked out the window and all there was, was ocean. When this happened, I was really excited for a whole week of fun! As hours went by both Olivia and I checked into our hotel. Olivia waited for me to change into my bathing suit so we could head out to the wonderful beaches. Once we got there we saw all different kinds of beach chairs with matching umbrellas. So we raced off into the clear, clean water. As the day went on, Olivia decided to get us some drinks.

She was gone for quite a while. So I started to look for her at the beach hut. That was where you can get all your drinks. All of a sudden, I heard loud noises coming from the back. So I went around the back and I saw a big crowd. I totally forgot that it was the annual lobster cook out! And I knew that this was probably were Olivia went to. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Olivia with our drinks and a cooked lobster to eat at the beach. Then I knew that this will be a great week in Cape Cod!  

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