Today I will talk about last Christmas. So last Christmas eve we had my cousins over, we ate a great Christmas dinner. At dinner we had chicken and gravy,and also we had mashed potatoes. After dinner Santa came and gave everyone  one present. This was to tide us over until Christmas, and so we played with our new toys, also we watched because there’s this website that tells you where Santa is. So we all stayed up till 10, then we all went to bed. I woke up at 6 I was very tired, but I always wake up early. So I went down stairs. We got to see what was inside our stockings, I got a lot of tiny toys, but also a toothbrush. Then we had breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and bacon, also some grapefruit. After we opened presents. The first present I opened was a Xbox One game, also a got a DLC for it. Then I got clothes,and then I got more clothes. I was wondering why I was only getting clothes, then I noticed the big present for me so I opened it it was an Air Wheel. I was so excited, so I went outside and started using it. It was so cool. I can’t wait for next Christmas,also its only 16 days away. I really want a Fitbit Blaze. I hope I get it and everything else I asked for.

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