FFFW#5: Cooper N

Last weekend, I went camping, but on this campout we had to build our own shelters to sleep in. I got to the campground late along with two other kids, because we were working at the 43rd annual Pancake Breakfast. The shelter I was going to sleep in had some good progress on it already, but we still had to solidify the walls and ceiling so we don’t get cold at night. We first added sticks and twigs to make the structure of the walls, and then we added the leaves onto the twigs, because we had to keep the wind out of the shelter. I had trouble adding the leaves to me wall because every time I added leaves to the top, some other leaves fell down to the bottom creating holes in the wall. So then I filled those holes, but it just created more holes every time I added leaves. Eventually I became much more careful with the placements of all the leaves and twigs and got it down to only about 5 holes. I could’ve fixed them but I couldn’t see the holes from the outside, so I just left it how it was. Adding all of the leaves and twigs took us about 3 and a half hours to complete, not including the break we had for lunch. Speaking of which, lunch at the campout was hotdogs, and we were allowed to add toppings to it, but I just added onions to my hotdog. After finishing the shelter we set up our sleeping bags inside so we don’t have to do them in the dark. Soon the sun set and some of us gathered around the campfire and listened to the senior scouts talk about stories from middle school, like one kid posting an entire blog post in accurate Swahili except for a paragraph saying that the rest is in Swahili. That went on for a while, and after that we had dinner. Dinner that night was vennesson stew and cubes. Most of the meal was delicious. I say most of the meal because in my vennesson stew there was a white plastic thing, and I know it was there until I bit something that felt like it wasn’t edible, because it felt really hard and unchewable, too. We had time to kill, since it was like 6:30 when we finished dinner, so we went down into the ball field at Aspetuck Park, and we played border patrol. Border patrol is a game where everyone except for one person is trying to get past the border. The border was the infield grass in this scenario, and we couldn’t be spotted while doing it. If the one person not trying to cross it(I will be referring to that person as the seeker from now on) manages to either see you and either describe what you’re wearing or say your name then you lose. And whoever is either last to cross the border or the first one out is the seeker in the next round. We played that game for about an hour. At some point we changed from that to a rock-paper-scissors variation where whoever losses is chased by the winner until they are tackled. During most of that time though I was looking for my headlamp. Eventually I gave up and joined the game, but when we were leaving someone said they had someone’s headlamp, so I went over and looked at it and it was mine. We walked back up to the campsite and went to bed after that. In the morning, I had a hard time packing up all my stuff, and it took me over 40 minutes to finish. I almost missed breakfast because of that. But luckily I didn’t miss breakfast, for breakfast I had two english muffins and hot chocolate. We then just talked for awhile, and then we did our closing ceremonies and we all left.

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