Diamonds Curiosity

Birch Kellogg





Diamonds Curiosity

I was just sitting there in the family room when my mom came in.

“Birch, where’s the cat.”

“He is probably outside.”

I didn’t think anything of it. After awhile I started getting worried. I imagined not finding him or finding him dead. So I went looking for him in the woods. I thought where would he be probably in the barn,that’s where the cats always go when they are outside. I screamed “DIAMOND.”(Diamond was grey with white stripes we got him about a year ago.)

But all I found was our other cat Charlie I gave him a quick pat on the head then ran out.So I went back to the house I couldn’t think of anything. I realized what if he was in the Apple Barn(The store across the street.)So I started on my way there. As I walked to the Apple Barn I saw all of the apples on the shelves ,the sweet smell of their homemade apple pie.The ring of the cash register. I walked towards the owner,the wooden floors creaked beneath my feet.I didn’t feel so good. I went up to the owner and asked “Did you see a cat?”

He asked “Is he gray with white stripes?”

“Yes”I said with a bit of excitement in my voice thinking that he had the cat(Not knowing the real truth)

“Sorry…but we gave him away” he said in a quiet voice.

WHAT!” I said

“I am very sorry,he just came in here and someone said they would take him.”

“Do you have the person’s number or can we track the credit card”

“No sorry I don’t have the number and they paid in cash”he said

I could not believe what I was hearing  I ran as fast as I could back to the house.I told my mom the apple barn gave him away, and they don’t have the person’s number they gave him to, and they didn’t pay with a credit card so we can’t track that, and Diamond is gone forever. I ran into the woods to our fort . At the fort I sat there and cried I cried for almost an hour then I went back to the house. I told Cooper what had happened he took it hard and started crying, I went to my room. I lay there on my bed thinking about my cat and the last memory I had with him. It was that morning when I woke up he jumped up on my bed and laid on me,and I felt his warmth against my chest. The last I saw of him was when we locked eyes as I left the room. I came back to real life and started to cry. I looked out the window,and tried to forget what just happened. But now we have new cats,but still I think about him everyday.

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