Bio-poem: Aidan


Handsome, Messy, Well-dressed, Unique

Son of my mother sibling of none.

Lover of the intelligent, the grandiose, and the rich.

Who feels thankful for the life that he has been given, for the kindness he’s been given, and the home he has be provided.

Who finds happiness in camaraderie, luxurious and expensive technology, and the enjoyment and entertainment that life has to offer.

Who needs to enjoy himself, for what else is there to live for, who needs a reason to do things, and who needs to live with the highest quality of things, for why live with what you have when you know you could have better.

Who gives loyalty to those who are worthy, who gives help to those who have a good cause, and who gives entertainment to the bored.

Who fears death, for that is the end to all, the possibility of living in poverty, and inferiority,

Who would like to see the center of the Earth, the bottom of the ocean, and another planet.

Who likes to wear nice but not overpriced clothing, fluffy slippers, and comfortable pajamas.

Born in Connecticut, resident of Easton



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