Bio-Poem : Anya

Kindhearted, whimsical, intellectual, forgiving
Daughter of Christoph and Alisha, sister of Leo
Lover of flora and fauna, true friendship, and the cold, cold sea
Who feels thankful for solidarity, soft Autumn rain, and faces damp from laughing tears
Who finds happiness in drawing, holding small, delicate red eft newts, and laughing for no reason
Who needs a companion, her loving family, and a dark charcoal pencil
Who gives trust to her friends, deep love to her family, and her time for those who need it
Who fears clowns, all arachnids (mostly spiders and ticks), and what’s in the dark
Who would like to see a kinder world, a deep purple and yellow sunset, and Lambe (her stuffed animal who she cannot find)
Who enjoys cool summer mornings, deer nests in freshly dewed grass, and quiet winter nights
Who likes to wear tight, blue jeans for school days, a soft, cotton bathrobe for too-short weekends, and a loose, black hoodie for quiet times
Born in New York, N.Y., resident of Easton, Connecticut

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem : Anya

  1. Hi Anya,

    I really liked how you included specifics, such as the color and fit of your clothes, etc. I thought that when you wrote, “Who fears… the dark”, it ended up as a broad statement. That’s a good thing because it varies your options to think about what’s in the dark. It really gets the reader(s) thinking and wondering, ‘what’s specifically in the dark?’

    Nice job,

    Izzy Prentice 🙂

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