Bio-Poem: Asher


Comical, considerate, honest, friendly

Son of Tom and Tracy, brother of Jaren, Devi, Micah, Elia, Caleb, Chaya, and Daniel

Who feels thankful for modern medicine, technology, and for being raised by loving parents

Who finds happiness in bouncing on his trampoline, in his cat Ari, a 5 year old Bengal Cat, and in his dog Bailey, a 5 year old Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd mix

Who needs, Organization, lots of food, and his piano

Who gives his time to school work, to games, and to his brothers

Who fears certain animatronics, broken sleep, and extreme change in the world

Who would like to see his bank account overflowing, a healthy fast food place, and his family doing well

Who enjoys reading, board games, and taquitos

Who likes to wear comfy baggy shorts, comfy baggy shirts, and wear tennis shoes.

Born in Chicago, resident of Easton



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4 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Asher

  1. Hey, Asher when I was reading the Bio-Poem one thing really surprised me. You have seven siblings and I thought it was very cool.

  2. Asher,

    Thank you for this poem! It really lets people know who you really are, and not just the new kid on the block. I was on the edge of my seat when you wrote, Broken Sleep. This wording is amazing and I can’t wait for this to come into your other story’s or narratives! I can actually picture this in my mind. The one thing I would change is the taguitos. What is this word? In the dictionary it means… a tiny taco? So you like tacos? Me too! Thank you for this poem, I can’t wait to see your other writes.

    Elisabeth Berg

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