Bio-Poem: Keely


Strong, Independent, Humorous, Bubbly

Daughter of Kathleen and Philip, Sister of Emmett and Carson

Lover of animals, family, music

Who feels thankful of having a loving family, two short haired cats, the fat, black, and white one is

Gus, the orange, wild one is champ, and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever named Maisie

Who finds happiness from playing with Maisie, talking and fighting with my brothers, and

hanging out with friends

Who needs food, water, and air

Who gives love to my dog and cats, love to all the people i care about, and attention to

my friends and family

Who fears heights, circles that are in patterns, and public speaking

Who would like to see my cats accept my dog, more wildlife in my yard, and a clean


Who enjoys watching YouTube, playing Lacrosse,  and hanging out with family and friends

Who likes to wear sports clothes, jeans, and soft shirts

Born in Norwalk, resident of Easton


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