Bio-Poem: Elizabeth


Creative, Curious, Artistic, Adventurous

Daughter of Susan and Michael, cousin of Ariana

Lover of the ocean, nature, and her family

Who feels thankful to be so accomplished, loved, and alive

Who finds happiness when exploring nature, drawing and painting, and helping others

Who needs hugs, warm cups of hot cocoa, and a cozy place to sit and read graphic novels on rainy days

Who gives love to her family, peaceful thoughts to the world, and a place in her heart for her Ragdoll-American Shorthair mix cat, Nimbus, who passed in 2015

Who fears the extinction of animals, the effect of climate change, and robots taking over the planet

Who would like to see world peace, co-existence of animals and humans, and an eco-friendly solution to climate change and pollution

Who enjoys learning and exploring science and nature, hiking and camping, and keeping up her hobbies of photography and art

Who likes to wear jeans and t-shirts everywhere, converse almost everyday, and cozy, fluffy socks and sweaters at home on rainy days

Born in Bridgeport, CT, resident of Easton, CT


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