Bio-Poem: Hannah

Bio-Poem: Hannah Halloran 


Bubbly, talkative, independent, and joyful

Daughter of Richard and Christine, sister of Grace and Aidan

Lover of friends, family, and my two dogs Hawkeye and Payton

(Hawkeye, a King Charles Cavalier and Payton, a Golden Retriever)

Who feels thankful for education opportunities, loving friends and family, and a roof over

my head

Who finds happiness from exploring, visiting family, and getting together with friends

Who needs to be around friends, a lot of sleep, and food

Who gives care and kindness to others, smiles, and friendship

Who fears spiders, scary movies, and snakes

Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower, the Blarney Castle, and the Cologne Cathedral

Who enjoys rowing, going on bike rides, and baking

Who likes to wear huge comfy sweaters, jeans, and flip flops

Born in Chicago, Illinois, resident of Easton, Connecticut


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Hannah

  1. Great Job Hannah!!
    I loved reading your Bio-Poem
    It was very informing and had a lot of good details.
    I also learned some stuff about you while reading this!

    – maddie ūüôā

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