Bio-Poem: Michael L.


Reader, Friendly, Happy, Idle

Son of Saiyang and Yuejin, Brother of Kiki

Lover of family, chess, and video games

Who feels thankful for the life given to him by his family and the  family that loves him with all their heart

Who finds happiness in his friends and family even though they don’t like to play chess

Who needs a good book series to read and a pretty good opponent to play in chess  

Who gives options to friends and family and often spends too much time reading than playing outside with friends

Who fears death, and heights, and darkness

Who would like to see happiness and peace everywhere

Who enjoys reading, and video games, and playing chess

Who likes to wear pajamas at home a tee shirt with shorts to school in the spring, and long sleeves with snow pants in the winter

Born in Greenwich , CT, resident of Easton


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5 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Michael L.

  1. This post is spectacular. It shows that you have certain characteristics that will benefit in life. Also, if we ever meet, I would like to play chess with you. I am not to shabby at chess and love books as well. It seems that we could be good friends.

  2. I think chess is very fun but I am not the best at it. You seem very nice. Do you like football or wrestling those my favorite sports.

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