Bio Poem Prentice


Joyful, effervescent, athletic, humorous

Daughter of Nancy and Scott, younger sister of Wesley

Lover of her 6-year-old barbet and poodle mix, Licorice, global cuisine, and her black Les Paul Copy electric guitar

Who feels thankful for an education, her loving family, and a roof over her head

Who finds happiness in performing, mostly acting or doing improv, playing different sports, and making people laugh, especially her best friends

Who needs, a good night’s sleep, to stay hydrated and active throughout the day, and her favorite sweet treat, chocolate brownie mix-ins at Cold Stone Creamery

Who gives kindness and tries to pass on smiles to brighten anyone’s day, help to those in need, either through school with my own fund raising or out of school, and very little time to practice her guitar

Who fears spiders of assorted sizes,  falling from extreme heights, although it doesn’t faze her to climb up to the top, and trypophobia, the phobia of cringey, irregular clusters of small holes or bumps forming together

Who enjoys spending quality time with her family, rowing, and leading the peaceful Saturday morning services at her synagogue, in hebrew

Who likes to wear her hair tied back into a somewhat neat ponytail, her (hopefully) clean white and black REBA #9 jersey, her matching oversized shorts, and her royal blue and gold Under Armour basketball sneakers

Born in Greenwich Conn., resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio Poem Prentice

  1. Izzy,
    I really enjoyed your bio poem. Great job! I didn’t know that you like to do acting and improv. I love brownie mix-ins from Cold Stone, too! Aren’t they the best? Thank you for sharing!

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