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Period 8

Mr. Jockers

Letter Essay # 6 3/11/18

Dear Blog Reading Audience,


I recently had finished the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I would rate this book a ten out of ten, with all of the description and imagination that is put into this book it is insane. The reason I had chose this book was because my dad had actually recommended it to me, before that I had kept ignoring him and reading books that were good but didn’t satisfy me. So, I picked up this book and decided to read it (also the movie is coming out soon and I want to compare it). To tell you a little bit about the author, Ernest Cline is an american novelist, poet, and screenwriter. He is most famous for the books Ready Player One and Armada, he also co-wrote the upcoming film based off of his book Ready Player One. He has no kids but his wife is named Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. He was born on March 29, 1972 in Ashland Ohio.


In Ready Player One a kid named Wade Watts has a gaming system called the Oasis which is a virtual reality platform that allows you to go to a different world. You can be whoever you want to be, you also go to school there. The Creator of the Oasis dies, and leaves his fortune of billions of dollars behind him he puts out a quest for people that use Oasis that has riddles and problems in it and whoever solves the puzzles gets all of The Creator’s money. So the search is on and no one finds any clues for four years but then Wade finds the first “Key” and the competition is back in session. He meets up with other Gunters which are adventurers and puzzle solvers too and they find the other keys but they have to watch out for the IOI,  which are hackers who want to cheat the system and buy oasis and make it unfree and have lots of laws!


I liked that the author did a great job on elaborating the characters, it almost made me seem like I was actually in with the story and the experiences that the characters were having good, or bad. I wish that the story had moved a little bit faster when Wade was talking about his everyday life and experiences because that moved pretty slow. That was the part where I kind of kept getting bored and putting the book down. Finally, why did Wade want to meet Art3mis so badly? Was he in love with her or something or did he want to share his Gunter skills with hers?


“Like most Gunters, I loathed the Sixers and was disgusted by their very existence.” (34) In this section, Wade is explaining why he hates the Sixers which are a government based group who wants to cheat their way into winning The Creator’s prize money. Also, they want to turn the Oasis from a free virtual reality to an expensive prison yard. I like this passage because it shows Wade’s inner self and his stubbornness to let these cheaters and violators any lee-way to winning that prize.


This book was one of my favorites and I am glad I shared it with you!



Aidan Ordway


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9 thoughts on “Letter Essay #6 Ready Player One –Aidan Ordway

  1. Hi Aidan,

    You did a really nice job on your letter essay! I was interested to read it because I really want to read this book. I especially liked the part where you asked thought provoking to the reader so that they would be able to read the book and find out such as, “Finally, why did Wade want to meet Art3mis so badly? Was he in love with her or something or did he want to share his Gunter skills with hers?” This added a lot your essay. Overall, really great job!


    Paul F.

  2. To Aidan,

    You did a really good job constructing this letter essay. I thought it was pretty cool how you added so much about the author of the book and how he is co-writing the movie about his book. Overall a very good job.


    Luke Vechiarelli

  3. Dear Aiden,

    I’m so glad you shared your view on this book with the blog. It is my all time favorite book, and I cannot waitfor the release of the movie. My father actually also recomended this book to me. Did you know that they showed an early screening at a film festival and people and movie reviewers thought it was one of the most amazing sci-fi films ever. I cannot wait. In reading yo9ur letter essay i realized an easter egg. The movie is coming out on march 29 because that is earnest clines birthday! I definitly am excited for the movie and loved the book, and hope you feel the same.


  4. Aidan,
    Your letter-essay started off well, with you providing the reader with all the important information in the Introduction and Summary. But the Reflection is lacking. Please consult the checklist and/or model.
    Mr. Jockers

  5. Hi Aidan, this sounds like a really exciting book and I can see why you would of loved reading it. I like how you really put into detail the reasons why you like the author and how he writes his stories. I’m sure you will love the movie too.
    From Kendall

  6. Hey Aidan

    I really enjoyed reading through your post very intriguing novel that you decided to go with. I look forward to reading this for myself in the near future.

    Thanks for the post!

    Jack C

  7. Dear Aidan ,

    I really enjoyed reading you letter and it was really fascinating to read. It sounded like you new what you were talking about. You did a really good.

    _ Sasha

  8. Dearest Aidan,
    Your letter essay was done fairly well. I liked your choice of book, it was good timing too. I heard they are turning it into a movie. Something you could have worked on was elaborating in your summary a little more. It was a little hard to follow.

    Sincerely, John Wojenski

  9. Dear Aidan,

    Your letter essay was well done and you have a fair amount of luck because you got to write this letter essay with the movie coming out soon. I can’t wait to read Ready Player One


    Michael C. Liu

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