The soaring bullet.

My head felt like it was about to explode. Excruciating pain shot through my temple and I could feel my tears building up behind my eyes, like a dam about to burst with water.


It was a sunny Saturday in Easton CT and it was the perfect day to play outside. It was around the first week of summer and I was spending the day at my friend, Charlie’s house. Charlie and I had been very good friends because we both played on the same soccer team together, Revolution united. I was at Charlie’s house very frequently these days, and we were always outside playing. On this particular Saturday afternoon we were outside enjoying the nice weather and playing with Charlie’s Nerf Guns. Nerf guns are like real guns except they are usually a certain color. The most noticeable color on the gun is blue and white. Nerf guns also only shoot fake plastic bullets that are usually not accurate. Charlie and I would play army men or try and recreate battles that happened in movies with these particular guns. Today we decided to do a 2 versus 1 with Charlie’s older sister. It was me and Charlie against Charlie’s older sister. Charlie and I decided to use the Nerf N-Strike, one of our favorites because of it’s long range and fast shooting bullets. The N-Strike is like a sniper rifle with a handle on the front barrel and a 18 round magazine. It is a cool blue and white color and has an attachable scope. It was a perfect gun for the layout of the battlefield we put together in his backyard. Charlie’s sister would be given 10 minutes to make and set up her own fortified base while Charlie and I stayed in the front. At the end of the ten minutes Charlie and I would come to the battlefield, AKA Charlie’s backyard , and try to take her down.

Once the ten minutes were up me and Charlie ventured into the back yard. Charlie’s backyard is a very open and wide piece of land, he has a play set in the far back and a pool to the right. He also has a patio that provides some good cover as well as a few bushes and trees. Charlie and I have been discussing our area of attack with each other during the 10 minutes that Charlies sister had to set up her base. Our plan of action was to be as split up as possible, to provide cover and make it harder for her to shoot one of us without getting shot from the other person. As soon as we stepped into the backayard, we knew it was over. Charlie’s sister covered her whole base with blankets and she had a lot of bullets, her base looked like a world war 2 bunker. She had a view over the whole battlefield and could easily spot us if we tried to do anything sneaky. Charlie and I knew this would happen, that’s why our plan was so meticulously thought over. I was too go around the left side of the house behind one of the bushes while charlie stayed behind the right side of the house behind the tree line. It would be almost impossible for Charlie’s sister to spot us. I went to the left bushes and crouched down. I lay all the way down on the cold hard dirt and peek through the leaves. I could see Charlie making his way to the tree line. The tree line was mostly covered with thick green leaves and provided great cover. I got a glimpse of Charlie’s sister scanning the battlefield, Nerf Gun in hand. I looked back at where I last saw Charlie and saw him put up 2 fingers, the signal to move forward. I started crawling out of my hiding place and made it to a nearby tree. The tree was surrounded by fallen bark and some dirt. It was hard on my feet and provided little cover. I knew if I stayed here too long she would be able to see me. I try and peek out from behind the tree to see if I can get to somewhere with more cover. I spot a big rock by his fenced off pool and I check to see if the coast is clear. I look over to Charlie and still see him back at the tree line eyeing me. I point to the base and make a fake gun with my hand. This was my signal for a distraction. Charlie leaps out from his hiding place, yells, and sprints over to the patio. I see Charlie’s sister peek up from her base and start shooting at charlie. I assume that none of the bullets hit him, but I’m not looking. I’m running as fast as a cheetah with rocket boosters, and  I make it to the rock in no time. I don’t think I was spotted so I peek around the corner. I am almost behind her. 

“What if I could get behind her?” I whispered to myself. 

I knew that Charlie was going to need some help, and fast. The best idea I could come up with would be to try and stay hidden and maybe get behind her, but that’s a long shot considering her base is still a solid 20 yards away and covered in acorns, waiting to make any noise possible. I went on my stomach and crawled to the side of the rock. I saw Charlie’s sister still scanning the field. I decided to try and move forward once she looked away. As soon as she moved, I sprinted in the direction of her base. I saw the barrel of a gun flash my way and I dove out of sight. 

“Close.” I whispered

I assume she didn’t see me because no bullets were shot and I didn’t hear any noise. I decided to test my luck and move forward. I had completely forgotten all about Charlie so I turned to look at where I had last seen him. I saw the tip of a blue and white gun and knew he was still trapped. My time was running out and I knew someone had to make a move soon. I saw a little patch of green grass and crawled over to it. I was right next to the ladder leading up to Charlie’s sisters base. If I were to do this sneak attack, it had to be now. I grabbed the 3 rind of the ladder and placed my foot on the first. I started climbing and I could hear movement at the top. I paused at the top and peeked my head over, as soon as my head was over the ladder, a bullet flew right into my head. I felt the impact of the bullet hitting my head and I fell off the ladder. The ground was hard but it was nothing compared to the throbbing pain in my temple. My head felt like it was about to explode. Excruciating pain shot through my temple and I could feel my tears building up behind my eyes, like a dam about to burst with water. Charlie ran over to me.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“Kinda.” I replied still a little shaken up. 

Charlie ran to his house to grab an ice pack, I had a big bump on the back of my head from the fall and it was starting to hurt. I could still hear my temple throbbing but the pain had subsided a little. I tried to stand up but I was a little dizzy, I grabbed on to the ladder for support. The dizziness was going away and so was the pain except for a little headache. I decided to walk back inside and Charlie and I spent the rest of the day inside, playing video games.



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