Distance Learning; Day 1

It’s weird not being at school, it’s a really strange feeling. I’ve never had great routines, I’m just not that kind of person. But, with school, there was always a reason for me to get up some time between the 7’oclock hour. Early mornings. But since there is no school, nothing to get up for, it has been hard for me to get up at all. It’s strange because I never realized how much I enjoyed school, I always thought I didn’t like it. But I kind of miss being there, and that is so weird for me to announce. Maybe I just miss human contact.

This morning when I got up, I was late, as usual. Actually, I got up about two hours late to be exact. But, when I woke up, the snow was just beginning to fall, so it gave me the inspiration to sit up and look out the window. Seeing snow in March is so unusual, almost unsettling. I am so ready for warm weather, I mean, this is supposed to be my lacrosse season. My new cleats that we ordered weeks ago just arrived, and there’s no purpose for them. The big, fluffy snowflakes going past my window are beautiful to watch. Though, the rain in the days to come will ensure that they do not stay for long. Which is a good thing.

This whole Coronavirus epidemic is so stressful to watch. I feel so terrible for the people of Italy. A family friend sent us a video from her quarantined apartment. Everyone was singing from their balconies, there was even a man playing the trumpet. I’ve heard trumpets be played before, they’ve never sounded as graceful and nice as that man did. When scrolling through TikTok all the videos are about the Coronavirus, and I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. All the videos are jokes, seeming like people aren’t taking it seriously. But, maybe it’s just people trying to make good out of a bad situation, I’m not sure. After all, this is really the only thing people can think about, being locked in their homes. It just might be a way to cope with the boredom. 

The boredom has been terrible for me. That’s why I was almost excited to start online schooling. With nothing to do for the past week, I have watched many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, a show I have already watched all the episodes of. I have also deep cleaned my bedroom, hyper-organizing everything. I have practiced so much piano, my fingers are stiff. I’m not even being dramatic. And my mom and I have just gone on drives around the state, listening to music. Springsteen, Queen, Bob Dylan, Clapton, Al Green, Warren Zevon; they’ve all been ringing through our heads during this time. And of course, the two young singers that my mom actually likes, Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes.

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