Distance Learning Day 5


The Quarentine is above us. The sad part is; everybody saw it coming.

Days and days of insufferable schoolwork taking place at home with constant distractors in every direction. Overwhelmingly long google classroom notifications slowly invading your brain and memories of friends the only thing keeping you going. People say this will last a year, others say only until the end of april. Kids were all excited to have some school off, a time to relax! Or so we thought. Now we sit at home (probably eating cheez-its) pondering what we should be doing inside our self imposed prison.


Yet there is one this we completely disregard in our own selfish thoughts. Our Earth is healing itself! Every day’s a little harder for me, but I find myslef going outside more often, spending more time with my family, and managing my time better than before. Maybe this quarentine is just what our world needs! When this is over I plan to never take anyone’s company for granted!(except maybe my cousin’s).  Maybe, just maybe, we should appreciate our time alone.

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1 thought on “Distance Learning Day 5

  1. I’ve noticed more and more people beginning to talk about the silver linings in all of this, Brookley. My pastors (holding service via Zoom) discussed it on Sunday and Mrs. Kaplan started our faculty meeting (again, via Zoom) yesterday morning mentioning several things like that; I find that interesting and agree with what you and they are seeing and saying. There must be a reason for this. And it’s our job to derive meaning from it. Otherwise, it’s meaningless, right?

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