Distance Learning Day 4

My sleep schedule is going all over the place. Yesterday I woke up at 12 and now I’m waking up at 7. I guess it’ll even out eventually. I decided to change books because the whole script format of the Miracle Worker was giving me a headache.

 I’m trying to work on new skills since I’m at home so often. I started to play the harmonica, and it’s really easy to sight read harmonica music, so I’ve gotten fairly good at that. I’m going to start playing the piano more often too, and go for walks in the woods behind my house.

I just learned that if my brother decides to come back home we’d end up giving him my room, his old room. I’m really mad about that considering how long it spent me cleaning it out last time and making it a place I would like to live in, just for him to come back and mess it up again. I feel like he’s going to take a large amount of my stuff too, because a lot of my things are actually hand me downs from him. I guess I’m just going to have to hope he doesn’t. Other than that though these days have been really peaceful. I think this is day 14, and I haven’t gone crazy yet. It just feels very tranquil. Hopefully it doesn’t lose its peaceful touch.

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