The day was beautifully lit, with a nice ray of sunshine. The sun had the warmth of a nice bonfire. I wanted to spend the day outside, but the risk of catching coronavirus got worse and worse each day it was a risk. I was currently at my father’s house in Norwalk,Ct. Norwalk has the most cases in all of Ct. I wasn’t scared of the virus, I had that type of confidence to think I was never gonna get it. I knew my dad would let us outside and I really was in the mood to go out for a nice skate.

“ Wanna go skate?” I asked my friend Matthew.

“ Yeah sure it is a nice day out isn’t it” He responded.

I let my brother Eli tag along, he had brought his scooter along. We put our shoes on and a sweatshirt and we were on our way. The first thing I immediately noticed was almost everyone was wearing a mask. I felt left out, unprepared and targeted, as everyone gave us dirty or weird looks. It looked like a warzone out here with a mix of zombies. We continued to mind our business and stayed away from almost everyone that we could. We already knew where to go, I pushed my left forward and I could feel the rumbling and tumbling of wheels under my feet.


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