How I Feel About Online Schooling

Today I will try to talk about how I feel about all of the distance learning. I feel as if it is going well, however, I feel like it could be better. (Though really, almost everything could be). For some classes, like Math, Spanish, and ILA, we are getting a good amount of work, though in Math it might be bordering on a little too much. (Mr. Barna, not whoever is subbing for Mrs. Rich.) Science is also doing really well, though I feel like we are given too long to do our assignments. I am in a club that Mr. Stinson leads, and since he is on the school board we talked a lot about distance learning. It consisted of 6 or 7 high schoolers and 3 middle schoolers, and I feel like the general feedback was that it was good but there were still some work-amount problems and some problems with the teachers using Google Classrooms and putting out work. For example, some teachers have been completely clearing out their Google Classroom streams, and it has made it harder for us to get to today’s work. It’s not hard to get to the classwork tab, but the stream is easier for quickly and easily getting to the work. Also, while it is sad not to be able to see friends in person, two things have made this a lot easier. First of all, we have phones and such that allow us to call, FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom each other. Also, the ER9 district has finally allowed Google Hangouts, and I’m pretty sure also recently enabled Google Meet and Google Chat. This makes it easier for us to talk to people who don’t have phones or personal emails. For example, before they enabled it, Siddharth and I communicated in person and by email. Emails are slow to communicate by, and ever since they enabled Google Hangouts/Meet/Chat, Siddharth, Alex, Brookley, and I have been doing multiple calls while working on school work and playing chess with each other. It was a very good decision, and I’m thankful to whoever made it. Basically, distance learning is going well, and I hope that it continues to go well. I can’t wait for this to end, however, I will miss distance learning.

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  1. We were encouraged to delete posts and assignments from our respective Google Classrooms that preceded Distance Learning to make things simpler for students and parents. Perhaps that’s what you saw.

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