It’s Been Three Weeks

We’ve already had ten days of online school, this is crazy. It feels like it’s been months since i’ve seen my friends. Yesterday I went on another walk with Adriana. I walked on one side of the road, she walked on the other, making sure we were 6 feet apart. Her mom wanted her to pick up garbage off of the side of the road, so I helped. It’s gross how much garbage people throw out of their cars, how do they not feel guilty about it. I kinda just want it to be summer already, I can’t wait to hang out with my friends, and actually go places. I wish this happened last year, because I was really enjoying this year. I was supposed to go to New Mexico, and to Canada to see my grandparents, but now I’m not going to either of those places. But I’m still very thankful that I don’t have this awful virus, because I know many other people have things way worse than I do.

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