Lost Vacation

Lately I have been really bored, this is the longest amount of time I have spent in my house without really doing anything major. However, I haven’t just been in my house, I have also taken a few walks with my family and spent time outside. My family also had a vacation planned for April 11th, we were going to spend ten days in ST. Thomas over spring break. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it because of the corona virus. We go every year because we have a place there, me and my brother were bummed out because we were really looking forward to the trip. This year we had some boat excursions planned to some other islands. It really stinks but what can you do.

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1 thought on “Lost Vacation

  1. That is too bad about your trip, Christian. A lot of spring vacations have been cancelled. But, when one door closes another one opens, so I am confident you and your family will still enjoy that vacation time, just doing something different.

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