My Weekend

My weekend was a very ordinary weekend. I did all of the normal things that I would usually do on a weekend, watching TV, talking with my friends, and going outside.Sadly, it was raining all of Sunday, so I could only go outside on Saturday. But when I could go outside on Saturday, I did a lot. I played basketball against my dad, went on a couple bike rides, each going on different routes, and I practiced my pitching and fielding skills with a bounce back.

I also made cookies with my Mom, This was probably the highlight of my weekend. We made chocolate chip cookies. We went with the soft and chewy approach instead of the crispy and crunchy. I collected all of the ingredients and got most of the measurements while my Mom mixed most of the ingredients. One thing that shocked me the most was how much I enjoyed sifting ingredients. I thought that it was very satisfying. It did tired my hand out though, constantly squeezing the handle to sift the ingredients. When all of the ingredients were well mixed, I scooped the cookie dough out of the mixing bowl, I put the cookie dough into small balls out a cookie sheet. Once I put the cookie sheet in the oven, it took 12 minutes to fully bake the cookies. Once they were done, I had to wait for the cookies to cool down. This made me a little mad so I really wanted to eat. Once they were finally cool, I ate one, the chocolate instantly melted in my mouth.

That’s how my weekend went. Bye

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