Samantha Bio poem


Creative, Caring, Loyal, Funny

Daughter of Diane and Allon, Sister of Daniel and Kate

Lover of Family, Pets, Food

Who feels Loved by family, happy when with animals, creative when playing sports

Who finds Happiness when with my dog, Joy when playing the sports I like, Fear when seeing small spiders

Who needs Their dog to comfort them, a lot of sweet foods, RAMEN

Who gives Too much money to Holister when she goes to the mall, a lot of attention to her dog, too much time to sleep.

Who fears Dark hallways, small spiders, breaking nice china (plates)

Who would like to see The skiing conditions in Quebec, The sports I play to go back to normal, School to go back to normal.

Who enjoys Eating salty foods, Skiing, The bored game ticket to ride

Who likes to wear Baggy sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings

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1 thought on “Samantha Bio poem

  1. SAM!! Amazing poem!! I LOVE ROMEN! i like noodles in general. haha. i afraid of darkness period. if im walking down a dark hallway, im bringing my nun chucks with me haha. you wear leggings a lot haha with sweat shirts! great poem!

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