Free Write – Luke M.

We parked are car in the large seemingly never ending parking lot. Everyone here was all business, I grabbed my skis and headed toward the beautiful array of large steep couloirs and large open bowls. We put are stuff down took in one last look at the beauty around. As I walked through the large Metal tunnel I knew that everyone here was chasing the same thing. I could feel the crisp cool air already and just wanted to get out. I sat down on a bench inside the tunnel  and got my boots out, thwick, thwick, thwick. I strap on my boots quickly crank them up as tight as I can and grab my helmet, chatter begins around the tunnel and people are just as ecstatic as me. As people start walking out into the endless white I start to hear the thum of engines beginning to run and the sound of a ski carving through loose, light, light snow. My Dad finishes putting on huis boots and grab’s his ski’s, I grab mine and we begin the trek toward utmost bliss. The minute I hit the crisp cool air I knew it was going to be a great day. As we caught the morning tram to the top the large bowls and steep cliffs came into view. As we dropped in across the 45 degree angle face my dad picked out a long narrow chute that looked really good. We quickly made are way down the jagged face so we could get to the chute that awaited. As we stood in front of it the tips of are skis hung off the edge and excitement rose in the air. I said U would drop in first and picked a really good patch of snow. I made a plant stop and got right back into a perfect line of snow, my line got steeper so I drove the edge of my ski harder into the side of the chute. I could finally see the opening I shot through the opening out into a sun covered field. I whooped and was super happy that we got to ski a chute like that, I knew we were going to have a great rest of the day.

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3 thoughts on “Free Write – Luke M.

  1. I like how you made me feel as if I was skiing with you. I also like how you were mentioning the temperate and excitement. Great job.

  2. I like how specific you are when describing your thoughts about going skiing and how you made me feel like I was actually there.

  3. You did a very good job of laying out the scenery and making the reader feel like they were there. You were extremely descriptive and I thought you did a very good job.

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