Free Write, Owen F.

           Okay I know that Covid-19 is bad, wait a second let me rephrase that it has been a complete disaster and I am not saying that the whole thing is going to have some miraculous side effect. Nor am I going to talk about how we should look at Covid-19 as a good thing 10 years from now. But I think that we should think about the parts that actually turned out okay. For example because of Covid-19 I missed having a big Birthday party with all my friends and it was hard. But the silver lining was when all my friends showed up for a drive by Birthday, and that was one of the happiest moments of my whole year! The point is there have been things that have happened that are good, and we have learned not to take things for granted even if they are as simple as going to school, going to your favorite restaurants or even just hugging your grandparents.

           Because of the quarantine that has recently been put in place my family is going to get to go out into Utah and Colorado and Ski out west I would say that that is a huge silver lining to the quarantine. Anyway all I am trying to say is that for every bad thing that has happened to me there has been a happy thing that has followed. We have all been in a state of uncertainty for a while and it is terrible what is happening for those that have lost family or had to cancel important trips or plans. But at least for me there has been a little bit of light for every bit of darkness. When school was shut-down I had to spend more time with my family (maybe a little too much), when my sleep-away camp was cancelled I instead got to go to Lake Champlain, and when me and my friends could no longer go to each other’s houses we decided to go camping. Light has shone in every corner that darkness has entered and it is my sincere belief that one day the feeling of walking into School without a mask on, visiting family and friends, and doing stuff like going to the movie theater or for sleep away camp. Will more than make up for these past months. After all things are always better if we have to work for them.

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