Free Write- Taking Fire- Kris N.

The 406mm guns of the U.S Iowa across from LST-534 opened up and start pounding the German positions on the beach. Today was D-day, D-day is perhaps the most important beach landing to ever happen. This landing, if successful, would land Thousands of American, British, and Candian troop’s in fortress Europe. This would bring the fight to the Nazis.


I awoke to the yelling of his commanding officer and the booming of naval guns. “Today is the day soldiers, today we bring the fight to those Nazis,” yelled the battalion commander. “ yyyyyyyaaaaahhhh” cheered the troops. 

I had enlisted in the 8th Armored division one month ago. After 4 weeks of rigorous training, he passed all his classes he then became the tank commander of an M4 Sherman Firefly. Most of his crew had combat experiment in Italy and were not too happy to see that their tank commander was new. But after a while, they got used to their new commander and started to respect him.  “ You heard him, get to your tanks, and good luck,” ordered Major Mayfield. The major’s voice snapped him back to the present. As he ran towards the stairs he met up with Private Ryan Levine. The Private was the loader of the tank’s high velocity 76.2mm gun. He had dirty blonde hair and was well built. Before the U.S entered the war he played football for Georgia Tech. 

“ Hello commander, are you ready,” asked Ryan.

“Yes, and nervous. I’ve never done this before.”

“We’ll be fine” as they reached the tank, the driver, Private first class Kevin, Lion, Ramsey. He got the nickname Lion because of his booming voice. He was tall, had brown hair, and has been served with the British since the beginning of the War. 

“ Good morning, Lieutenant Neiger, you ready,” said Private Ramsey.

“Yes private, I am ready,” I yelled wall climbing into the round turret of the Sherman and over the diesel engines starting up. Then with a sudden click the huge door on the front of the LT opened up and light flooded in. And then there was the beach, with huge chalky white cliffs with bunkers on top, there were muzzle flashes from the dark openings of the bunkers and bullets flying every was. The was explosives and sand flew ten feet into the air and covered the fallen body. There were antitank barriers everywhere.  All of a sudden the Flail tanks or crab tanks drove down the ramp into the carnage swinging the chains mounted on the front and neutralizing the mines. Then one by one the tanks disembarked. Then when It was my turn I pulled out and I saw the two flail on fire and most of the tanks destroyed and burning. But then Sergeant Mayfield tank was hit and lit on fire then I saw a body engulfed in flames climb out the top and jump off the top, fall and stop moving, and then it hit me Major Mayfield was dead and that means I’m in charge of this unit in the 8th Armored. 

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5 thoughts on “Free Write- Taking Fire- Kris N.

  1. I love the vocabulary you used. I was interested in the whole free-write. You were very specific with your story, so I felt as if I was there watching this all unfold. Great Job.

  2. Hi, Kris I liked your story alot because you used so much description and you showed how big a deal D day was.

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