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So to start off this story I wanted to talk about how being fast and athletic can get you almost anything you could ever want in life. It really surprises me to find out people think it’s just a “game” when really any sport/activity you could get really good at will get you anything you could ever want in life. An example of this story is Lebron James (A really good basketball player) he loves the game of basketball so he got really talented. He won 4 NBA titles which provided him a variety of sponsors also he made an estimate of 270 million dollars from just basketball. The story of Lebron James really makes anything possible where he grew up with one parent in the home, a poor and a violent neighborhood. He motivated himself to work hard and pursue just a game to make him one of the greatest athletes of all time. This proves my motif of perseverance as well as motivation because almost every single athlete worked really hard to get where they are now. This means a lot to me because I would like to play football almost all my life and make a career which pays a high amount. In this write I’m trying to motivate anyone who wants to succeed in life by working hard and not giving up. Playing a football game in a rainy cold environment is what motivated me to write this because when I’m out there I want to teach everybody what my name is. Even though your size does not matter, an example of this is Spud Webb (5’5 dunk competition winner) just imagine how a man that is the size of an average 8th grader can jump almost 4 feet vertically. I have listened to a lot of athletes talk about what it takes to be great and it turns out that it’s all in your mentality. The mamba mentality is what I look up to, it essentially means be scared of nobody. The mamba mentality was made by Kobe Bryant (Hall of fame basketball player) this shows the motif of never give up if you think someone is better than you. Another reason I connect to this is because whenever I practice or do any fitness activity it includes the amount of stamina and speed I can use in my body. I connect my real life experience to this because I would like to give it a shot and see if I can turn out like one of these people. Lastly in conclusion when you work hard good things happen and that connects to my motif.

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  1. Hi, Jessi I like how you proved your motif of perseverance with examples of sports players. Overall I thought you did a great job.

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