Free-Write (alex m)

I finish putting on my dark blue bathing suit and turn my head to look at Faye. I notice that we both have the same emotions of exhilaration and excitement at the same time. 

She turns her head to me, “Ready to go?” she sighs. 

“Ready.” I say confidently, deciding to ignore the few butterflies fluttering at the pit of my stomach. 

“Okie dokie” she says towards my direction. 

“Artichokie” I reply as we give each other a quick smile. 

As we walk down the hallway I hear Faye’s voice almost as if it’s coming from another dimension confirming that I’m not wearing any jewelry, loose clothing, electronics, or as a matter of fact, anything important to me. I just nodded my head towards her direction neither confirming nor denying the question being asked. I was too busy distracting myself by admiring the large rock statue at the bottom of the staircase. It colors a marbled mixture of a burnt red, seaweed green, and a shiny jet black. I quickly shake my head snapping back into reality and realizing what I was about to do. 

I’m excited I kept telling myself. While that was true, there was also risk at hand. But, people do this all the time. Also true. Alex, you’re really not that special. My inner demon was mocking me for having second thoughts. No, I’m doing this I told myself firmly. And just like that I headed into the car…

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